The Joke That Connects The Snyder Cut To The Flash TV Series

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Justice League of Zack Snyder has made overwhelming suspicion among fans with a ton of excitement. According to updates, this leak of Justice League consists of an ounce of reference about franchises under the DC universe and other characters inside it. With all this, Justice League is bounded with two or more connections, which are perceptible to hardcore fans only. 

One of the references we came across is a nod from the franchise, which was connected to a television series of 2014, The Flash. Among all the Easter eggs, this came as a joke reel by Ezra Miller (Barry Allen). It was a pivot instance from the film, which was quipped by Allen. It was when Jason Momoa i.e., Aquaman, and Ray Fisher i.e., Cyborg, was trying to way out an attack on Steppenwolf. Meanwhile, when witty Barry Allen cracks a joke on this scene, most of the savvy fans presumably realised about the reference forwarded through that joke.

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Talking about The Flash, love is speed fuel and is a unceasable force:

During the foremost scene, a question was arisen by Aquaman for Cyborg, that whether he(Cyborg) can execute the plan for their mission. In respect to this question, again Barry Allen humorously stated that ” we’ll support him(Cyborg) in planning his attack by “The Power Of Love”. Rather, the punch line doesn’t land well but he clarifies further saying that after all, he will be boosting Cyborg using his power and strength. 

Later turns out in the other universe, that Barry uses “The Power Of Love” to save the world and to defeat the enemies. This exactly underlines the plot of season 6 of the series “The Flash”, where Barry was supposed to find his way back to his universe. Then and there, forefront to a risky method to went to his Universe i.e., Artificial Speed Force Machine,  using such technology would help him out in reaching home but using such high power machine will strip him of any emotions i.e., can affect him mentally or physically.

Fortunately, when Barry realises and learns, that he could rather use “The Power Of Love”  between Iris West and him as a source to generate the required force to speed him back to his Universe. Eventually, by the former method, only Barry reached home and prevented any further consequence or catastrophe. Although, all such hasn’t explained thoroughly the overall approach toward the blending themes and happenings is extraordinary. 

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