The Kissing Booth 3 is around the corner: Every small detail captured!

Source: Decider

The final movie in the series The Kissing Booth 3 is finally coming to you this summer and we may have a release date for you to start binge-watching. The sequel of the series released back in July 2020 and soon after Netflix came up with the confirmation of the third movie revealing that they were pretty sure of the success of their sequel that they had already filmed the third one in addition to the sequel! What kind of confidence is that??

Thus, the happy news for fans is that the current global situation won’t have any impact on the release date of the movie. Now, how’s that? We knew for sure that the season would drop by this summer but now we are quite certain that we would get to witness the third installment of the show on August 11, as slightly hinted by Joey King and Joel Courtney in a new sizzle reel which had been released by Netflix, showing off their upcoming movies.

Source: YouTube

If you are looking for a teaser trailer then the streaming giant has already done that for you. A clip falling rightly into that category has been released duly for you to watch and get fascinated in turn. The sequel did end with a major cliffhanger and ever since fans have experienced it, we are dying to find a few answers the sequel was incapable of giving us.

And now that the next installment is around the corner, there is nothing really to complain, is there? In addition to that, the third movie is bound to be focussed more on Elle’s current situation and her future. She has gotten herself into this and how she deals with it is something fans would love to see.


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