The Last Kingdom Season 5: When And What To Expect?

The Last Kingdom Season 5
The Last Kingdom Season 5

The fifth season of The Last Kingdom Season 5 has finally arrived on Netflix, and unfortunately, it will be the series’ final installment.

That is not to say that the world of fantasy drama has come to an end, as a sequel to The Last Kingdom, titled Seven Kings Must Die, is currently in the works. It’s time to boost your self-esteem!

The first five seasons of the Netflix series are based on Bernard Cornwell’s novel The Saxon Stories (two books per season). That means the series has yet to span three volumes, and since the season five finale, fans have been wondering where the realm of The Last Kingdom would go next.

The following is a synopsis of everything we now know about The Last Kingdom, also known as Seven Kings Must Die…

When Will Filming For The Last Kingdom Begin?

As a follow-up to the television series The Last Kingdom, Netflix has commissioned a two-hour feature film titled Seven Kings Must Die.

While the film will serve as an epilogue to the main show, it will also function as a standalone story unrelated to the series’ main plot, allowing new viewers to follow along.

During the MCM London Comic Con, producer Nigel Marchant announced, “Despite the fact that the series concludes with Season 5, we have always wished to present one more story.

We couldn’t resist one last adventure with Uhtred because of Netflix’s wonderful support and fans’ insatiable desire for more.”

Is There Going To Be A Film Adaptation Of The Last Kingdom?

There’s even more reason to celebrate now that Seven Kings Must Die filming has begun!

Alexander Dreymon (Uhtred of Bebbanburg), the series’ director, has confirmed that filming on the TLK Special: SEVEN KINGS MUST DIE! will begin on January 31, 2022, with the message “Filming begins on the TLK Special: SEVEN KINGS MUST DIE!” I’m giddy with delight!

What Have The Film’s Producers Said About It?

Marchant spoke with the Radio Times about the decision to cancel the television series The Last Kingdom. “In terms of season five, we felt that the story’s two central strands were coming together and that it was time to wrap up the television series.

We reached this conclusion as a group because each of the five seasons has its own beginning, middle, and end.”

Marchant goes on to describe the film in greater detail, noting, “We were aware, however, that a few additional novels (without giving anything away!) would pick up where Season 5 left off.

As a result, we began early discussions with Netflix about how we could present the final jigsaw puzzle piece in a way that made it appear complete.”

Marchant elaborated on the film’s premise by saying, “And it was decided that the film version would be the best format for doing so.

The fifth season has the feel of the show’s finale, and the film will be much more self-contained. It’ll be a huge treat for fans of the show, but anyone who hasn’t seen it before is welcome to watch.”

Who Will Play The Main Characters In The Last Kingdom Film Adaptation?

So far, the cast of Seven Kings Must Die has remained a mystery, with little information provided.

However, the return of Alexander Dreymon as series protagonist Uhtred of Bebbanburg has been confirmed (via an Instagram video from the set), which is very encouraging.

Dreymon’s video also featured Arnas Fedaravicius, who confirmed his return as Sihtric.

The two will be joined by a mix of new and returning cast members, implying that more casting news is on the way.

When Is The Last Kingdom Going To Be Released?

Unfortunately, no release date has been set for Seven Kings Must Die. However, we do know that filming began in January 2022, implying that the show will most likely premiere in 2023.

Is A Trailer For The Last Kingdom Available?

Unfortunately, there is no trailer available at this time because filming is still ongoing. Meanwhile, you can watch the first five seasons again below or learn about the cast’s filming secrets.  

The Last Kingdom seasons one through five are now available on Netflix.

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