The Last of Us enthusiast develops custom PS5 face plates

Courtesy: Retro Dodo

An affectionate enthusiast of The Last of Us has customized their PS5 so that it suits the ideas of the video game.

The faceplates, that were initially posted by Reddit consumer u/Noctography in the r/thelastofus subreddit, accentuate what appears bricks coated in moss which strikes our mind of the ruined cities that Joel, Ellie, as well as co toured in their journeys. The layout furthermore integrates the immediately recognizable Fireflies logo and the game’s name too.


In the statements of the shared picture, additional enthusiasts of the video game applauded the innovation noting that they desired that Sony formulated official The Last of Us faceplates, and that they were vastly impressed that it’s yet practical and isn’t overheating.

The Last of Us subreddit has furnished tons of enthusiast innovations and findings recently encompassing that Abby’s face prototype cosplayed as the personality, you can obtain a tonne of allowances at a initial and effortlessly missable portion of the video game, and that Laura Bailey was certainly in the initial The Last of Us video game too. 

Additional current and remarkable enthusiast innovation that was posted to the subreddit was a model construction of star Pedro Pascal playing as Joel in The Last of Us HBO sequel, which he was previously corroborated to be played in the show. 


Courtesy: TweakTown

Custom PS5 faceplates are furthermore nothing fresh either, with unofficial black faceplates emerging on social media all the time, and entire corporations devoted to the tendency springing across the entire globe. This isn’t to tell that Sony is too delighted with this impression though, as they have had to urge corporations to discontinue creation and compelled legal action in the past. 

Sadly, for the remaining ones such as ourselves though, it appears as though u/Noctography’s The Last of Us faceplates were completely a program for themselves.


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