The Last of Us TV show: release date, cast, story and everything we know!

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The Last of Us… first came out as a game back in 2013 and was immediately on the top list of the players on PS3 and now this HBO development is all that the internet is talking about. The development was first confirmed and now the impressive cast list and the hinted plot is the breaking news. The first game had an emotional story-telling and grim which is being reflected in this show as the plot. Speaking of the plot… the story follows the main characters of the show, Joel and Ellie and their journey in the post-apocalyptic America. They are trying to survive themselves as well as the trying to save the humanity. Well speaking of the quality then to remove any doubts, the game was ranked among the top ones so the plot can be concluded to be a blast. Everyone is eagerly waiting to witness the game as a television show and how well it can be adapted.

Here’s what we know about The Last of Us TV show:

Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Gabriel Luna and Merle Dandridge are the definitive cast of the show and alongside them Nico Parker has signed on to play Joel’s daughter Sarah on The Last of Us.

The story will be “very deviated” from the source material that is the first game but, it is all because of the hardcore action and emotions which will be followed in this show.

Source: TechRadar

The Last of Us Tv Show Release Date

The development of the show was confirmed last year and the release date has not been made official yet. During the first announcement only “Coming Soon” was written. It can only be predicted that the early 2022 might be the time we get to see the arrival of this show.

“We can’t start it right away because they’re still in the pipeline. Second game over. We’ve been talking about it for months, little plans and things. Once they finish their final work on the sequel, we’re going to dig in whole, utterly honest.”, commented the co-writer Craig Mazin on the series production in 2021. He was saying this to Gamesradar regarding The Last of Us 2 game which has been closed for quite some time now and pre-production of the show is still going on.

The show is being developed under the banner of HBO with Neil Druckmann co-written with screenwriter Craig Mazin. 

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