The latest dumped contestant from Love Island reveals regret over the controversial exit.


Last day (July 14), Love Island delivered a bombshell – and the actual bombshell Andrea-Jane Bunker is not being discussed. We are talking, of course, about the violent division of Brad and Lucinda, who had to decide who would leave the villa of the two after the public vote had landed the new couple.

Vitalistic as ever, Brad volunteered and packed his sacks as a homage, distracting Lucinda on the departure of her partner for brunch. After having had time to ponder on his noble choice, Brad now announced that he had changed his mind to Lucinda.

“In the night, I did not want her to leave it; it was one of those occasions. It would be good to take what we had and continue it outdoors, in the way we had a connection, “He said. He explained. “This morning, I woke up, and I wish that we had left.”

Recognizing that Brad has left their blissful romanticism in unchartered waters, the decision to go their way so early in their coupling has: “Where that might have been, I want to see. Can’t talk to Cindy or ask her where she is – this morning, I would like to know how she woke up.”

And imagine they could have eaten the Special K combined with raspberries if they had left Lucinda too. When it comes to knowing whether Brad is tuning into the series, he’s left the villa in Love Island. “I watch how my husbands, lads and lasses are getting together,” he remarked.

“And then I’m going to keep a look at Cindy for me, see who goes in, see if it’s good to them. Anyway, I’m a fan of the show; I’m going to watch what’s going on. I’m going to be direct in her DMs if Cindy leaves single.”

Love Island is available on ITV2, and episodes are accessible for BritBox customers the following day via ITV Hub catch-up.


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