The latest episode of Jujutsu Kaisen reveals Aoi Todou’s Cursed technique…

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Jujutsu Kaisen is right now, the highest-grossing anime since 2020, it came like a blessing for the weebs during the pandemic and it is on-going right now, it might consist of 26 episodes and to this day, 20 have been released which continues on the fight between Itadori and Todou vs Hanami.

Plot till now!


As we are watching the anime, we come to know a lot about Itadori and his personality. Itadori is a fun and loving character and also the main protagonist of the anime, he is always chilled out until he witnesses the death of his good friend, Junpei at the hands of Mahito.

Even though Junpei wasn’t his friend for much longer or both of them knew each other for a very long period, they always felt like an attachment between them and their personalities which always attracted both of them. 

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All about episode 19!

We can see Kamo-San and Inumaki getting knocked out by Hanami and later on Fushiguro and Maki-san giving up too as Itadori and Todou enters to take on him as both of them forms a very powerful alliance. 

We can see itadori taking on hanami first and get to know that Todou thought him a new kind of combat move which uses cursed energy and can only be used by certain people, like nanami and gojou. 

Itadori gets his first experience with his own cursed energy. After hamani gets into a rage, both of them take on him together but he managed to take care of them both, todou then taunts him that it is now his time to reveal his cursed technique.

All about episode 20:

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Now, Episode 20, starts with todou observing hanami and analyzing his weak points and strong points. As both of them comes to know that they have reached the limit of their raw strength and couldn’t go much further, todou unleashes his cursed technique called boogie-woogie. 

This allows him to warp up between 2 objects, living or non-living. He uses it as a great weapon against Hanami alongside Yujji.

Todou explains that he can swap between 2 people with the clap of his hands and it is really impressive how itadori and todou gets alqong very well and gets comfortable with swapping places.

We still have a long way to go before the anime reveals to us about his cursed technique. Till then have patience and remain in the space to get more.


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