The letter Reader a heart touching upcoming short film on Netflix is directed by Sibusiso Khuzwayo This film explores the lives of wives who are left behind by their husbands who are migrant workers in various cities. 

The story is all about a 12-year-old boy who moves to a village in Kwazulu Natal to stay with his grandmother as his parents in the city try to come to terms with their marital problems. The young lad finds it difficult to adapt to life in the village compared to his city life where he is not accustomed to doing any chores. 

Later on, he understands that he is blessed with the ability to bring a smile on the faces of the people as he reads the letters from their loved ones. One day he encounters a letter addressed to a beautiful 25-year-old girl who is a wife of a migrant worker living in Johannesburg. 


The letter in the hands of Siyabonga, the twelve-year-old boy has a message with bad news to Nobuhle, the beautiful girl who is waiting for a long-awaited letter from her husband. Siyabonga looking at her falls in love with her and decides to hide the message in the letter which outlines the end of Noble’s marriage because he does not want to break her heart and the story is all about what he does and how he twists the message.

The film is featured with Andile Gumbi as the lead Gumbi and Nomalanga Shabane playing Nobuhle and the splendid simple authentic performance of Bahle machining as the Letter Reader Siyabonga is widely appreciated.

The letter Reader has been nominated for the Best short film at the SAFTA  and it has also been announced as 2020 I am Africa Short film Competition Audience Award Winner which is attributed to the entire team for putting in the effort with passion and dedication for which the fruits they have reaped.

The Letter Reader which moves the heart of everyone watching it is airing on Netflix from July 22nd, 2020 and it is worth the watch for the simplicity and the wide angles from the man behind the camera.


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