The Locksmith Release Date, Cast, And Plot


The film is an action drama with some well-known actors, but it’s also a significant example of Hollywood’s positive response to recent tragedies. The murder of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the film “Rust” in October prompted a call for improvements in the way guns are handled on movie sets. 

When will The Locksmith be released? 

“The Locksmith” began principal photography on November 15, so it will be some time before the picture is released in theatres. 

The film’s producers are looking for a September 2022 release through Arclight Films, which owns sales and distribution rights, according to Deadline. 

Arclight Films was in charge of the sales of films like “Crash” from 2004 and “First Reformed” from 2017, which it also produced. “Poker Face,” directed by Russell Crowe (via Variety), and “The Portable Door,” starring Sam Neill and Christoph Waltz, are among the films produced by Arclight Films (via Variety). 

The filming of “The Locksmith” will take place in Las Cruces from December 17 to December 17, 2021, according to the New Mexico Film Office. 

The production will employ 65 local crew members and 200 background actors, bringing in $2 million to the local economy (via the Las Cruces Sun News). It appears to be one of four films that set up shop there at the same time, with “Knight,” “Hot Seat,” and “Chupa” being the other three. 

Who is in The Locksmith’s cast? 

There hasn’t been much information disclosed regarding the cast of the upcoming film up to this point. However, we do know that “The Locksmith” will include a cast led by Ryan Phillippe (“Crash,” “Gosford Park”), who will soon be seen in Peacock’s “MacGruber” series (via Deadline). He’s also no stranger to action-adventure films. 

Phillippe will be joined by Kate Bosworth (“Remember the Titans,” “Superman Returns”) and Ving Rhames (“The Enforcer,” “Along for the Ride”), who will appear in 2022’s “The Enforcer” and Netflix’s “Along for the Ride” (“Pulp Fiction,” “Mission Impossible”). Kaylee Bryant, Charlie Weber, Noel Gugliemi, Jeffrey Nordling, and others are listed as cast members on the film’s IMDb page. 

Nicolas Harvard, who is making his feature film debut, is directing the picture alongside the on-screen talent. John Glosser, Joe Russo, Chris LaMont, and Ben Kabialis wrote the script, which is based on a tale by Blair Kroeber. Mark B. David (“Poker Face”) and Roger Coff

(Cut Throat City) are producing the film, with Walter Josten serving as an executive producer. 

What is The Locksmith’s plot? 

“The Locksmith,” according to Deadline and other outlets, is about an excellent locksmith named Miller Graham who has a criminal history and is set to finish a sentence in jail. Miller tries to rekindle his relationship with Beth Fisher, his ex-girlfriend, and his daughter, the former of whom is now a police detective, which could complicate matters for him. Miller wants to make amends and start over, despite the fact that he believes his only genuine ability is locksmithing, but this is difficult after an unexpected kidnapping. Will Miller take a chance on a second chance at life in order to save the day? Phillippe will portray Miller, Bosworth will play Beth, and Rhames will play Frank, albeit little else is known about him at this time. 

Gary Hamilton of Arclight Films termed the film “a fascinating thriller with a brilliant ensemble cast” in words published by The Hollywood Reporter, while producer Mark B. David commended its “excellent storey.” This is a promising start, but it’s difficult to say whether “The Locksmith” will live up to its potential at this early stage of development. Still, when it comes out next fall, this is a film to keep an eye on.

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