The loose ends that still exists in the Criminal Minds storyline

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What happens to Elle Greenaway?

In Season 1, when Greenaway got fired by an annoyance, things turned to worse (unknown subject or person of interest). She was subjected to post-traumatic stress and became more nervous and disturbed. Before she was ready, she returned to her work and wounded a few episodes later to shot and kill a subject. Greenaway had to withdraw — while she did not confess that she murdered the cold blood perpetrator — and we couldn’t see her again.

Not only did Greenaway never seem to have been exposed to legal difficulties for the apparent killing, but viewers had never been told what was happening after they left the BAU. While she occasionally was discussed by her teammates in subsequent episodes, no information about it or the impact of her actions could ever be found. For one of the first cast members of the show, it would be good to close down – but maybe in the 16th of season “Criminal Minds,” her destiny would be discussed.

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What do we know so far about the show?

ACCORDING TO A TIME LIMIT, the BAU took The Chameleon just one year ago before Garcia left to start her next chapter, but Paramount+ is in the early stages of restoring criminal minds for season 16. The revival will be technically miniseries that would lead to more seasons, but nothing was verified at that early point.

Since the project is still an early day, Criminal Minds supporters may not be enthusiastic enough yet, but Paramount Plus makes sense to explore ways of bringing back the long-term crime series. As Deadline pointed out, Criminal Minds is one of Netflix’s most successful licenced shows, which points out a global appeal. As Paramount+ sees ways to mine its catalogue for hits, it is also a valuable commodity for the new streaming services.

It also encourages executive producer Erica Messer to leave the door open in the final series for more BAU adventures. Criminal Minds finished on an oddly optimistic note after 15 seasons. None of the critical team members died. Not only were they all ready to continue with BAU, apart from Garcia. This means a possible recovery will take place where the finale was gone without a beat missing.

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When will season 16 be released?

A first date is still very much TBA for Season 16 of Criminal Minds. The earliest stages of production were announced by TVLine on 19 February 2021. As a result, no agreements with the cast or writers have been concluded. It would likely be one or more years before the revival would come about if Paramount+ and the co-producers, CBS Studios and ABC Signature, could work out the specifics.

While it was just a year since the series was over, several cast and crew members have moved onto new projects. And as the regeneration sounds like a follow-up to the season, Paramount+ certainly wants so many of the leading players in the show on board. For now, fans have to be patient as all the deals are being done behind the scenes.


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