The Mandalorian: Ahsoka Tano Is Wrong About One Very Important Thing


When Din Djarin completed all his quests and met Ahsoka Tano at last he was not relieved yet. He wanted her to tutor the Child. He believed that baby yoda should be with the people of his own kind and he deserved to be a Jedi.

But Ahsoka refused to do so. She said that teaching the child would be too dangerous as he has the highest chance of turning evil. She was afraid that if he managed to harness the Force he would be unstoppable. Moreover Baby Yoda has an emotional connection with the Mando as well, making him even more dangerous.

“I have seen this happen before and that the best of us even succumbed to it” she stated, obviously talking about Darth Vader. What she doesn’t realise is that the Child is nowhere similar to him in any way.

Anakin was a selfish person by heart and always put himself before everyone else. He has always been hungry for power and never second guessed when it came to getting more powerful; even if it meant hurting others. This is where Ahsoka Tano went wrong.

But Ahsoka is the best person to teach the Child. She has shown great decision making before. Though she is one of the most diplomatic people, she prioritises making people safe even if it means losing the battle. Though she has always defended Anakin saying that it was his rage that made him evil, we all know that this isn’t the case.

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