The Mandalorian: Katee Sackhoff Swoons Over Timothy Olyphant, Space Daddy

The Mandalorian: Katee Sackhoff Swoons Over Timothy Olyphant, Space Daddy
The Mandalorian: Katee Sackhoff Swoons Over Timothy Olyphant, Space Daddy

Timothy Olyphant, the 52-year-old actor recently joined the cast of The Mandalorian as a guest star playing the role of a “gunslinger space daddy”, and turns out, he acts like one in real life too! At least that is what Katee Sackoff thought.

“In celebration of Life Day, here’s an outtake of [Sackhoff] and I just sweating over space daddy Timothy Olyphant,” ET‘s Ash Crossan tweeted (You can find the tweet here-

In their discussion, Sackhoff confessed to being a big fan of the Deadwood actor and even ran into Olyphant while testing out the costume for her character, Bo-Katan Kryze. “I went on set and Tim was working and that to me was just…

I was blown away,” she explained. “I saw one of his scenes and sort of saw what it was about and as, a fan of the lore, I sort of knew what was coming. So it was really cool to see Boba Fett.”

Katee Sackhoff has been voicing the character of Bo-Katan Kryze for years in many animated adaptations including Clone Wars and Rebels. And when it was announced that she would be making her live-action debut in this hit TV show, fans went ballistic.

If you haven’t watched the Mandalorian yet The second season of the show is currently being streamed on Disney+.

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