The Manifest season 3 – the mystery repeats itself.

The Manifest season 3 – the mystery repeats itself.
The Manifest season 3 – the mystery repeats itself.

Hi Guys. Hoping all’s going well.

I was just wondering if my friends have ever caught a glance of a plane crash or a flight trench on TV. It takes away our sleep right and we keep on being glued to our screens till the end.

Yeah, so for all those fellow souls, we have been hearing of another chance.

Two seasons into the Manifest and we were still digging at the bottom of Flight 828’s grave. Its adventurous and shocking disappearance and to keep up to our efforts, executive producer Jeff Rake twitted that production for the new season 3 has set its foot forward in full swing. He also assured us by sharing some behind the scenes moment.

The unveiling of the story will only take place by early 2021.

The shocking climax of season 2 Matt Long’s survival after the flight’s dismissal raised a lot of questions even more than that of the passengers in the doomed flight, the mystery will continue as we will delve further into it says the creation.

There are already some updates about season three where characters Ben and Saanvi will be engaging themselves into a deep investigation, a touch up over season two, there will also be a shocking reappearance of a long-lost character and then some love twists in Jared’s complicated relationship. And finally, Michaela and Zeke will move into a new place with an absolutely unknown and unwanted third party. 

Thus, after all these dozes from the production house, we cannot keep calm and wait for it.

Only to be happy to know that all the wait will be worth it.


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