The Masked Singer US contestant quits the show after unmasking himself


Great suspense has finally come to an end on 30-Sep-20. The masked singer US, Mickey Rourke himself revealed his identity on the show which took away the stage. Well, it certainly was shocking and amusing for the judges and fans. No one expected that this would be the turning point for the masked singer. 

Let’s find out the insights about the incident.

The mystery came to an end

It was all set as per the script, however, Mickey Rourke has turned the table around. He surprisingly revealed his identity on the show which astonished Nick Cannon, the host. “Brace yourself for the impact”, said the masked singer before he confronted the judges. 

Unpredicted Stunt

Everyone is talking about the show now and gossiping why he signed up for the show. Indeed, it was not at all a part of the show, still expect the unexpected. Mickey Rourke, an Oscar-nominated actor revealed himself on the stage behind the mask. A lot of drama has already happened which shows a significant sign that Mickey would be interested in another show or so. 

“I like the show from the core of my heart and following it since the beginning”, said Rourke in an interview. 

We still anticipate that the show has still much to offer for the fans. Let’s see how Rourke would get along with the current situation now.

Don’t forget to read the caption, “Bracing the impacting”.

Isn’t interesting to know more about the show?

Well, stay tuned on the page to know more about the entertainment news. 


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