The missing scenes from Season 1 are explained by Loki director.


Eagle-eyed fans of Loki may have realised that several sequences have been released but were absent from the series themselves in the trailers.

Often there are little filming snips that don’t do the cut, and while this is what happened, an explanation is available here.

In the Marvel Disney+ show, Loki shot scenes which don’t appear in the last season and form part of “Asgard’s memory scenes” in the first episode.

CEO Kate Herron stated the scene’s sound didn’t fit quite, so they had to be chopped off.

“They tended to go a little further into comedy, and they didn’t have awful sequences,” Herron said. “But they were quite close to where [Loki] saw Frigga [dying] when we put this cut together.”

“We didn’t want to take that moment away, obviously, because it’s his mother dying and incredibly sad. It is always difficult. It is always difficult. The scenes haven’t been good enough, but they haven’t been fantastic. That’s why sometimes people find portions that don’t end up in the show.”

Loki was a powerful smash and broke some extensive records for Marvel, so it was not surprising when he was revived for season two.

Tom Hiddleston told in response to this confirmation: “I’m so thankful that I still haven’t been able to work out that we get another one in season 1. The opportunities are inspiring to me. We are in talks already. Deep, profound, deep talks. I can’t wait to start.”

Season 1 is exclusively streamed on Disney+. The formal confirmation was given to Season 2.


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