The Moana Easter Egg You Missed In Raya And The Last Dragon


Raya and the Last Dragon is following the long standing tradition if animated movies that portrays a heroine of strong character and identity, instead of a male-centric character development. This makes it unique among the other animated movies, from which it heavily borrows ideas and cinematography, most notably Moana.

Its evident from either of the storylines that they are different that many mainstream Hollywood biggies as they focus on ignored and never-seen-before cultures. In both places the heroine is in a quest to discover a mythical being that possesses the ability to save her homeland. Interestingly, both the movies are featuring Alan Tudyk as the voice actor for an animal. From the reaction, it can be said that the movie has performed well in terms of building the world around Raya and humanizing her, while she fullfils her destiny.

Source: the verge

Raya, with the help of her friends has to assemble the orb pieces and find the land of Talon. As depicted, it is a place filled with people, animals and on the interesting part, delicious street food.

Fans are also longing to ask some serious questions that have been bugging them, like why is the rooster present, or like how did it flew all the distance from Polynesia to South Asia?

All in all the voice of actor Alan Tudyk might be a good addition; some of his previous good performance being Heihei in Moana and Raya’s best friend, Tuk Tuk, in the upcoming eposode.


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