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‘American Horror Story’ is well known among the peeps for its fair share of villains who can definitely make your skin crawl. You name it and AHS has it, whether it be Howard Hughes- and H.H. Holmes-inspired serial killers or the sadistic slave owners from real-life, everything is worse and not to forget the literal antichrist. If we define AHS then it is not a surprise that the show is running all because of its Big Bad. We’ve seen multiple posts on Reddit where the fans are asked to rank a particular identity, well this time it’s about… Who is the most disturbing ‘American Horror Story’ villain?

There were many posters creeped out by the villains of ‘Freak Show’ and ‘Cult’ named Dandy Mott and Kai respectively. The other poster was upset with Season 3’s Delphine Lalaurie who was a real-life racist murderer. The writing on the poster was ‘as POC racism has always scared me to the very core of my soul.’ The stories of Lalaurie’s cruelty are quite known around the French quarter as she used to enslave Africans in her house and became the legendary serial killer. She was a real woman in New Orleans and was feared by most. It was discussed in an article in the Journal of Global Slavery, that ultimately her extreme actions were used to foster the ideas of slavery in some ways or the other. Lalaurie’s name came out to be one of the bad guys from ‘AHS’ but still there’s this one name which popped up again and again and made it to the top of this list.

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Dr. Oliver Thredson played by Zachary Quinto came up again and again in the list of most disturbing villains in ‘American Horror Story’. The most-creepy part of this character is that it seems to be very charming and calm at first but that is all just a mask to cover up what’s underneath. Dr. Thredson is one of the most malicious and evil-minded actors in the town of Briarcliff Manor. He was seen in Season- of the franchise. One user wrote, “He works slowly, gets to know his victims.” Another user commented, “makes them (Patients) feel comfortable like he’s a safe space then pulls the old switcheroo on them. Makes my skin crawl!”

Speaking of Thredson’s profession, he worked as a psychiatrist at Briarcliff Manor, advocating for more humane treatment of the patients there. But, it’s all just a façade because Dr. Thredson is really a serial killer who appears to be normal at first glance. He used to kidnap those women, whom he considered to have “Motherly Skin”, whatever it meant to him. He would be-head and skin these women and turn their skin into furniture. Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson) was also one of the patients for him who he tried to ‘cure’ of her homosexuality with aversion therapy.

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