The Most Paused Moments In American Horror Story

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy from the year 2011 Stretching the boundaries with unpredicted storylines of American Horror Story. These horror stories come up with new and best thriller scenes that can be shown on television.

As per what we saw earlier each season of the show features a new location and undoubtedly a new plotline that claims to be based on a real incident. The show boasts the same cast in every season. 

This list of core cast members includes- Evan Peters, Jessica Lange, Lily Rabe, Frances Conroy, Sarah Paulson, and some other members also with some other specific roles.

These members have seen getting adapted to a variety of different roles throughout the show and some of them even took the hold of multiple roles in a season. Here we can see the amazing talents which this show brought up. 

Source: TVLine

However, not only in getting adapted to the assigned role also in the way they complete it is truly innovative and eye-catching. 

But some fans still found that this amazing cast is not enough because there is something that gets pales if we compare it from some intense content shown in each American Horror Story season.

Bringing a new storyline regularly in each season with some nail-biting twists, and the horror scene this show keeps on horrifying its viewers.  This twist and unpredicted horror scenes often allow AHS fans to pause and take a break. Moreover, it’s true that the grotesque events going on the screen are something that cannot be paused. 

What are the Most Paused Moments of the show American Horror Story? There are many such moments, but the one which stands unbeatable is- 

The infamous Rubber Man in Murder House and Apocalypse

If you predict what’s going to happen next then for sure it’s not horror. Thus, there is much disturbing imagery delivered to date throughout the complete journey of AHS, but this moment is the one where every viewer gets paused and finds something creep. 

Yes, it’s none other than the first appearance of the Rubber Man who suddenly came up on the screen in the very first season of the show, Murder House. 

To date, no one has any idea who was in that suit, not even us. For sure this pause was the first and also most unpredicted one.

Any guess Who Was He? Let us know in the comments.


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