The most terrifying Kill of The Boys: Homelander might never appear on the show!!

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Homelander’s most terrifying kill in The Boys comic series is so gruesome and disgusting that there are higher chances that it will not appear in the TV series. Homelander was a hero in the past, as revealed in issue #40. But now he has turned bad as he is eating actual human beings, he is not even leaving small babies to fulfill his feast. 

What made him so bad?

Billy Butcher is playing the role of Homelander. Homelander is the most horrific and scariest character alive both in the comic series and TV show. As Homelander is a parody of Superman, it is not more different than The Man of Steel. The protagonist, Homelander being a negative character, is full of aggression and ego, due to which he has taken away the lives of hundreds of innocent people. There is a scene when he refuses to save children on a hijacked plane that was full of people because he thought that it would spoil his image. These negatives came into him due to his bad upbringing. The absurd atrocities that he often commits are a result of that. 

What is the plot of the series?

Courtesy: Nerdist

In The Boys comic book, written by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, Butcher believes that his wife got pregnant after a sexual assault. The further scenes are messed up as compared to the series as some scenes are confusing. In the comic, his wife dies but appears later as she was hiding, but it is completely opposite in the series. 

The most brutal scene is when Butcher bashes straight into the head of the fetus his wife is carrying. He turns into a monster, and it will be censored to watch on TV for sure.

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