The New Legends of Monkey Season 2 – Let’s Find Out The Sacred Scrolls!


Hello Everyone! A very cheerful day to all the readers! Today, we are here with some adventures news of comedy show The New Legends of Monkey season 2.   

It is an Australian- New Zealand television series based on a Japanese show Monkey which is based on a Chinese novel Journey to the West. It is directed by Gerard Johnstone and scripted by Jacquelin Perske. This show is a package of action, comedy, fantasy and drama.

What about the plot!

The whole series has basically two targets, first is to get the Monkey King Sun Wukong out of the jail who was imprisoned in mountain from 500 years and second is to find the seven lost sacred scrolls. In the first season, they accomplished the first target and free the Monkey King with the help of scholar’s adopted daughter who bravely worked.          

At this time, we will see how the Monkey King, daughter, Pigsy and Sandy will find out the lost scrolls of wisdom who has unlimited powers inside them and also how they clear all the demons, and evils from the planet.

The New Legends of Monkey Season 2 – Let’s Find Out The Sacred Scrolls!


Its first season had earned great popularity and according to rotten tomatoes it rated 100% with 70% audience score. This show had won Best Make-up Design award in 2018 and Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Costume Design in the same year. 

Also, this show is nominated for various awards. So, let’s see how many records will be broken this time.

What about Airing!

Season 1 of this show was firstly premiered on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation ‘s ABC Me channel on 28 January 2018 with a pack of 10 episodes and after some months, it released on Netflix platform on 28 April.                                                                

Season 2 will be released on 7 August 2020 with another bunch of 10 episodes. So, this time it will be more drama and more fun.

What about casting!

Basically, this show has four main characters, who will definitely reprise their role in season 2. Their amazing costumes,  and marvellous acting will also take everyone’s heart and attention this time also.                                                                                                     

Some fantastic actors are enlisted:                                                        

Chai Hansen as Monkey King whose name is Sun WuKong.                           

Luciane Buchanan as Tripitaka who plays the role of Sanzo.                

Josh Thomson as Pigsy whose name is Cho Hakkou.                       

Emilie Cocquerel as Sandy whose name is Sa Goji.                               

Some recurring actors are Rachel House as Monica, JJFong as Lusio and many others.

To know more about this show, stay reading!

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