The New ThunderCats movie has gotten its director – Everything we know so far…

Courtesy: Looper

Fans would be knowing by now that there’s a new film in the making that is all set to reimagine the classic animated series ThunderCats and to Godzilla vs. Kong’s pandemic-era box office collection and record, it’s to our no surprise that Adam Wingard has been announced as the director of this new film by Warner Bros.

Wingard is expected to co-write while his two producers on Death Note, Dan Lin and Roy Lee will be working on something he calls a ‘dream project’. After the original show that came out way back and complementary short-lived animated series reboots in 2011 and 2020, this show will now be the fourth screen iteration for the ThunderCats franchise. 

Godzilla vs. Kong made a whopping critical and commercial success with a $122 million collection which is huge for any movie that released after the COVI-19 pandemic shut down era. Thus, this upcoming project can be the next project the director would be working on and it seems to be quite overwhelming for him as he has been a longtime fan of the franchise and of its mythology as well.

Courtesy: GamesRadar

However, there’s a loophole here. Wingard’s version of the movie isn’t exactly his and ready to make an appearance. He and Simon Barette – the one who wrote The Guest, Blair Witch, and You’re Next, are working and rewriting the project. In addition to that, there’s another complicating issue which may hamper this process altogether. It’s his prior involvement in a new sequel to the 1997 John Woo movie Face/Off.

Coming back to the movie, many would think about how this new ThunderCats movie would look like. It all depends on the vision of the directors and capabilities of the cast members. At least, this is what we have to say as of now.


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