The new trailer for Helstrom looks strangely similar to The New Mutants, another one of Marvel’s horror projects


Helstrom, the trailer for which was first released at Comic-con At Home, is the last Marvel Television product and as such, faces tough times ahead. It is not yet clear whether the events of this series takes place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe or not. It brings to live-action the Helstrom family. 

Daimon and Ana Helstrom, who were known as Daimon and Satana Hellstrom in the comics, are the children of a human woman and either Satan himself or another demon. This gives them certain abilities and powers that are much beyond human scope.

The news of the identity of their father causes their mother to have a breakdown. The children grow up separately and while Daimon embraces his human side, Satana grows up in hell, fully emersed in her demonic powers.

In the comics, the universe of the Helstrom siblings does cross into the rest of the Marvel Universe and they do meet the Avengers and the Defenders. It is not clear if any such crossovers will happen with the TV series.

It was originally supposed to be a part of a set of shows for Hulu but Helstrom now stands alone.

The first full trailer seems to bear remarkable similarities to Marvel’s The New Mutants. It proudly showcases the occult and the demonic and there is a lot of talk about curses and magic. The identity of their father and their origins is not revealed but perhaps the series intends to slowly explore that instead of diving in immediately. 

The trailer gives a glimpse into the use of magical powers and action the hint of Daimon finally coming into his powers is intriguing. However, the lack of originality behind the trailer detracts from the excitement.

It is not quite on the level of grandiose that fans have come to expect of Marvel. It remains to be seen how the series itself lives up to the compelling storyline and the complex characters.

Helstrom is set to premiere on Hulu in October. 


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