The News About Jennifer Lawence Cooked Up A Boy

The News About Jennifer Lawence Cooked Up A Boy

One of the tabloids reveals that the star was pregnant a few days before. An investigation by gossip master took off but rather correct the snippet of gossip.

Earlier this year in March, Woman’s day asserted Jennifer Lawrence was “Cooke-ing up” something. The tabloid asserted that the star and her husband Cooke Maroney was pregnant with their first baby. “Jen said to besties that she’s expecting during a party at friend’s birthday meal neglected her common gin and tonic”, as per the source. “The news by source continues by saying “ she knew tongues would be shaking when she was the life of any fun and the one who’ll have everyone taking shots at the end.”

However, one source stated that Lawrence was like “no secret” that she wanna be a mom soon. Once uncertainty if she wants kids or not, changes after she met Cooke as she has started to talk about family and kids. “She stated once at the time of their betrothal that she wants to marry soon and make little Cookes”.  Additionally, the source reveals the supportive nature of Maroney to Lawrence so he could be an amazing dad to be.

Lawrence, as per the reports “has shown a mini baby bump with the indication that she is having a ‘BOY’. the story brings to an end with the declaration of the claim of Lawrence’s pal Adele. Adele has been supporting her during her first trimester and will be the

baby’s godmother. However, Lawrence was keeping the details between near and dear ones.

It‘s tough to believe Woman’s day soundness when the informative has been wrong in the past especially about J.Law gossip cop cutting out that Lawrence was spending time with her husband and the story resulted, making the whole plot wrong.




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