THE OA – SEASON 3 This Is The Only Way It Can Happen!


‘The Oa’ is a Netflix series with a plot of supernatural, fantasy, science and fictitious elements. 

The first season of the American mystery drama was released on Netflix on 16th December, 2016. The second season of the series was released on 22nd march, 2019. Written and directed by Zal Batmanglij, ‘The Oa’ or “ The Original Angle”, is based on an adopted young woman, Prairie Jonson, who is the central character of the series. 

Prairie reappears, after having been missing for seven years. Although being a blind girl before disappearing, Paririe gets her vision back when she returned and is able to see everything now, which is why she calls herself the “Original Angle” i.e. OA.

Season 1 and 2:

In season 1. ‘The Oa’ is seeing denying to give out any information to her parents and to the FBI officer about how she got her vision back and where she has been all this long. Later in the series, she was seeing making a team of five people to whom se narrated her story and asked them to help her in finding all the other missing people. In season 2, ‘The Oa’ ends up in San Francisco to complete her mission of rescuing lost people where she also met Karim Washington.

THE OA – SEASON 3 This Is The Only Way It Can Happen!

What’s up with season 3 ?

Initially, the makers of the series decided to have five seasons of the show, but according to the ongoing debate regarding the fate of the series, Netflix has cancelled the contract for the remaining three seasons of it. Jason Isaacs who played the role of Dr. Hunter Aloysius Percy in ‘The Oa’, confirmed that the series won’t be running for its third season. 

Although the fans are eagerly waiting for it’s new episodes, it is difficult to say that the sci-fi drama will return after all the controversy going on in between the makers of the show and Netflix. Talking about the series getting axed, according to the Netflix app, the cost of production of the series were the major reason behind it. 

The advantage of creating another season was significant therefore Netflix decided to drop the series then and there. Although Netflix is still not open about discussing the reason behind cancelling the series, the official confirmation from Jason Isaacs has made everything clear. 

The fans are still hopeful that they will be able to see the remaining story of their favorite thriller drama series ‘The Oa’ but the Netflix app looks like it has already made up it’s mind. What do you think will be the fate of the series? Stay tuned to know more.


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