The OA Season 3 – Will The Series Be Renewed? All The News on The Future Of The Series


The OA (Orignal Angel), Netflix’s original series was a gripping series and was popular among its genre despite of its imperfections. The series had 2 seasons and fans are pondering on the fate of the season 3. Netflix announced the destiny of the OA series back in 2019. Show’s creator Brit Marling took her Instagram to post a lengthy message,”Some of you may know already or some of you may be learning from this letter that Netflix will not be continuing The OA. 

Zal and I are deeply sad not to finish the story. The first time I heard the news I had a good cry. So did one of our executives at Netflix who has been with us since early days when we were sketching out Hap’s basement on the floor of our production office in Queens.”

She added further that, “it’s been an intense journey for everyone who worked hard on and cared about this story”.  Marling’s post was considered as candid and profound. 

Further to that, Cindy Holland, who is the Vice President for Original Programming at Netflix, confirmed the cancellation of the series to the Press. She went ahead and mentioned that they are super proud of all the 16 chapters of The OA and are grateful to Brit and Zal for sharing their daring vision and for realizing it through their incredible artistry.

The OA Season 3 – Will The Series Be Renewed? All The News on The Future Of The Series

Cindy’s statement is the only official announcement from Netflix about The OA‘s cancellation. Netflix till now has not given any press release or posted any confirmation regarding the cancellation on their official handles. The OA is a story that revolved around an adopted young woman who resurfaces after missing for seven years. On her return she had some mysterious new abilities and recruits five strangers for a secret mission.

The OA was originally planned to be a 5 season series however the makers seemed to enter into a state of confusion post Season 2 and had not much to look forward for. As Netflix is the producer of the series, some other network will not be able to pick the show, which means unfortunately it is the end for The OA. One of the main reasons sighted to end the show were the budget concerns. The cost of producing the Third season The OA was so massive that the streaming partner Netflix, decided not to produce the series further.

Interestingly, some fans who were highly disappointed with the cancellation of The OA series post season 2, went ahead and started a campaign, #SavetheOA and #RenewTheOA

They went ahead and wanted people to cancel their Netflix Subscription stating the reason that the network partner dropped the series. The show was critically acclaimed and managed to get 80+ rating on Rotten tomatoes.


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