The One – Ending Explained and how Its Ending Set Up For The Second Season

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The One, a Netflix original film set in the near future, tells the story of a geneticist who finds a way to find anyone’s dream match using just a DNA sample. Service of matchmaking The One would rapidly become a worldwide sensation. Yet the business is fraught with hidden mysteries, and at the conclusion of season one, we’re left wondering what will happen if it all falls apart.

Ben was thought to have committed suicide, but forensic analysis shows that he was murdered. Kate Saunders, the lead officer on the investigation, is dead set on proving Rebecca’s involvement.

Rebecca Webb, the company’s CEO and manager, is willing to go to whatever length to ensure its success, including blackmailing a government minister and bribing her chief investor’s escort. However, she is thrust into the spotlight after the police find her former roommate Ben’s body in a canal. He hasn’t been seen in over a year.

Rebecca and her best friend Jamie tested their results using confidential patient reports from Ben’s pharmacy firm. Rebecca also met her match Matheus using this illegally acquired DNA data to ensure that their analysis was successful. No one notices their presence, but Ben loses his work as a result of the security breach on his laptop.

Kate dodges her attempt to arrest Rebecca with her personal issues. Sophia, her player, travels to London to meet her but is involved in an accident. Kate becomes closer to Sophia’s brother Sebastian as she is in a coma, and the two develop feelings for each other. Sophia and Sebastian are, in effect, Kate’s soul mates.

A matchmaking program like The Above has consequences for married couples as well. Hannah and Mark Bailey are in love, but she is concerned that he will abandon her to pursue his match. But Hannah meets his dream match, Megan, and befriends her in the hopes of being more perfect for Mark. This, ironically, results in Mark and Megan accidentally meeting.

The ending explained

The conclusion exposes the facts behind all of Rebecca’s secrets. But since Kate lacks evidence, she persuades Rebecca’s lover Matheus to find a way to force her to confess.

If Rebecca really wishes to be with Matheus, she must tell him the truth. She admits that when Ben discovered they had stolen his company’s records, he threatened to report them to the authorities. A brawl erupted. Rebecca ended up driving him off the roof by mistake. Despite Jamie’s wishes for them to make a full apology, she opted to take his body to the river.

That isn’t the end of the company’s mysteries, however. Rebecca is adamant about concealing the fact that, like Kate, there are many examples of individuals with several matches. This normally occurs when one person is paired with siblings. Kate begins to wrestle with her feelings for both Sophia and Sebastian, but as she awakens from her coma, she chooses to stay with Sophia.

She isn’t the only one who is having difficulties. When on a break from Hannah, Mark sleeps with his match, Megan. When he has a cancer scare, though, he returns to his wife. Megan, on the other hand, isn’t going anywhere quickly. She’s set on upsetting their life by seeking Hannah’s ideal partner.

How does One Season 1 ending connect to Season 2?

If the Netflix show returns for a second season, the rivalry between Rebecca and Kate will almost definitely resurface and escalate.

In the finale, Kate attempted to coax Jamie into telling the truth. Now that he’s found his match, he will share what he knows to ensure that they don’t have any dark secrets in common. At Matheus’ funeral, Rebecca made a challenge to Kate’s lover, Sophia. If she learns that Kate has new evidence or possible witnesses, she could abduct Sophia as a bargaining chip or even murder her if she thinks there is no other choice. When they grieve about Sophia’s death, this could drive Kate closer to Sebastian. It may also mean Kate is more determined than ever to pull Rebecca down.

When Hannah faces her match, Mark and Hannah’s friendship will eventually fall apart once more.

Rebecca is one girl who is unable to fall in love again. Matheus’ death has devastated her, particularly because she had intended to be with him after announcing her departure from the group.

However, the public concession she’s going to make at the end of the episode is almost certainly not about her remorse. Rebecca is far too cold-blooded for such a matter. It’s more likely that now that Matheus is gone, she finds a way to explain why she really needs to be CEO.

If any of her lies was revealed to the general public, that may have far-reaching consequences. Knowing that more than one match is possible would jeopardize the company’s whole premise.

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People will most likely find out about the double matches because so many people use the program, according to Zo Tapper, who plays Kate.

“The real business model is already showing signs of cracking. People have taken this by surprise… because it’s changed their life… and it’s got such a global impact, it’s as large as Facebook.”

And if Rebecca tries to hold the situation under wraps, there will eventually be an investigation. This might result in the business folding, the sundering of many partnerships, and a great deal of confusion.

If it is later discovered that Rebecca stole evidence and killed someone to protect it, the organization will be doomed. Everything we can do now is waiting for Netflix’s approval and finding out for sure. Netflix has a series called One that you can enjoy.


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