The One season 2 on Netflix: Cast, release date, plot and everything you need to know

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After a successful first season, the franchise may think for a second season. But the official streaming partner Netflix hasn’t confirmed whether this amazing series “The One” will be moving ahead for a second season or not. 

However, looking at its huge fan base and unexpected last season’s end made this series get listed in the streamer’s top ten for over a week. This means everything is looking all set to bring the second season of this amazing series. 

Now, let’s have a look at what we expect if the second season got a green light from the franchise. 

The One season 2 on Netflix: Cast

As the second season is yet not confirmed the official cast list is something impossible to predict now. But the one who is expected not to be missing in the second season will be Hannah Ware as ruthless CEO Rebecca Webb. 

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Talking about the other cast members expected to return from the first season are the developer and co-founder James (Dimitri Leonidco), the married couple Mark (Eric Kofi-Abrefa), and Hannah (Lois Chimimba). Moreover, it’s the person whose DNA matches Mark, Megan (Pallavi Sharda), detective inspector Kate (Zoe Tapper), Sophia (Jana Pérez) Kate’s love and Sebastian (Eduardo Lloveras).

Other than them, there will many more new faces expected to come back in the second season. 

One season 2: Release Date

After the second season confirmation the Production touched the grip, but the ongoing pandemic scenario started delaying the shooting. The COVID safety measures and precautions that have to be taken during the entire production will eventually affect the speed of production. It’s not about this season only but also some other shows that have to face such delays in the outbreak.

However, from many rumors in the second season is said to arrive in early 2022. 

The One season 2: Plot

The second season of the series The One will be completely based on the novel “The One” by John Marrs. But what’s interesting about this is that there is no second sequel for this novel. 

However, it was officially confirmed by Netflix that the franchise is allowed to create or add anything in the novel storyline if they wish. This clearly means we cannot predict the exact storyline without any trailer or teaser which is yet to be out. 

This is all that we know about the upcoming second season of the series “The One.” And for more updates and suggestions on what to bring next, contact us. 


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