The Order Season 3: Confirmed Updated from Jake Manley.


An absolute treat to the eyes, complete package loaded with mystery, terror, and suspense is the web series “The Order”. The series had a remarkable journey of successful two seasons earlier. It has a huge fan following who is eagerly waiting for its next season “The Order Season 3”.

Release date of “The Order Season 3”

With so many questions to be answered and major thread lefts hanged at the end of season 2, everyone needs to know when will the next season aired. “The Order Season 3” is expected to release in the year 2021. The delay is probably due to pandemic Covid-19.

The cast of “The order Season 3”

The characters and cast of The Order Season 3 are expected to be the same as that of Season 2.

  • Jake Manley playing as Jack Morton
  • Katherine Isabelle playing as Vera Stone
  • Adam DiMarco playing as Randall Carpio
  • Thomas Elms playing as Hamish Duke
  • Louriza Tronco playing as Gabrielle Dupres
  • Devery Jacobs playing as Lilith Bathory
  • Anesha Bailey playing as Nicole
The Order Season 3: Confirmed Updated from Jake Manley.

The plot of “The Order Season 3”

Since the show revolves around the magical world and supernatural creatures, therefore the season 3 revolves around the unsolved mysteries of season 2. Jack learns about the secrets where he was trapped in a war between dark magicians and werewolves.

Gabrielle murdered Alyssa at the end of season 2. Will Jack be able to bring Alyssa back from the dead or will she be seen as a Werewolf.Lilith after being removed from her home was very angry and so to take revenge, her demonic presence could bring a lot of trouble in the next season.

Will Vera be able to retrieve her powers or will she steps down as Grand Magus.

Hence, with so much thrill, drama, unsolved mysteries, amazing storyline the audience will definitely be hooked up to the power-packed season 3.


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