The Outpost Season 4 Release Date, Cast And Plot

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Season 3 of The CW’s high fantasy series The Outpost concluded in December 2020 with a game-changing finale, and fans have been clamouring for more ever since. Fortunately, The CW has ordered a fourth season of The Outpost for October 2020, though the next 13 episodes are officially billed as season 3B, according to Deadline. Even, the most important thing to remember is that more episodes are on the way, so fans won’t have to wait long to see Queen Talon (Jessica Green) in motion.

The Outpost is set years after Talon’s entire village was lost, in case you need a refresher. Talon, as one of the few remaining Blackbloods (a race of people with supernatural abilities), sets out on a hunt for vengeance as soon as she enters adulthood. Her journey brings her and her best friend Janzo (Anand Desai-Barochia) to a remote outpost on the outskirts of their country, where a queen hides in the hopes of uniting her people and halting the spread of religious fanaticism.

Although that is the show’s basic concept, The Outpost has come a long way since its first season. Talon’s life is turned upside down by the end of season 3 when she is proclaimed queen after the death of her friend Lady Gwynn (Imogen Waterhouse), leaving viewers with plenty of unanswered questions going into season 4 of The Outpost.

Most of The CW’s 2020-2021 TV schedule has been shifted due to the current global pandemic. As of now, the network has new shows premiering every week until June, so The Outpost season 4 may take a while to arrive. The exact premiere date for the new season has yet to be confirmed as of this writing, but the fantasy series has previously aired during the summer months.

Season 3 was given an exception due to The CW’s need for new shows to air in the fall. However, with most of the network’s shows’ production schedules back on track, The Outpost will most likely return to being a summer series this year. New episodes should be able to air soon, as shooting on season 4 has reportedly been going on in Serbia since at least October. It’s now just a matter of The CW revealing the premiere date for season 4.

Who will return to the cast of The Outpost for Season 4?

Gwynn and Tobin died tragic deaths at the end of Season 3 of The Outpost (Aaron Fontaine). As a consequence, it appears that neither Waterhouse nor Fontaine will return for Season 4. Despite the fact that they will both be missed, the series still has a large cast of characters.

Green’s return as Talon is a foregone conclusion as the show’s protagonist. Desai-Barochia will also serve as an associate producer on season 4 in addition to reprising his role as Janzo (via Deadline). Izuka Hoyle (Wren), Georgia May Foote (Falista), Jake Stormoen (Garret), and Reece Ritchie (Garret) are among the cast members who are expected to return (Zed).

No new cast members have been confirmed as of yet, but each season of the show has added new friends and foes to The Outpost. If the season 4 premiere date is announced, fans may expect new cast updates.

What will The Outpost’s fourth season be about?

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The devastating death of Gwynn is likely to cause massive upheaval. Talon is now queen as a result of her death, but her claim to the throne is unlikely to go uncontested. Even if the rest of The Outpost recognises Talon as their new chief, she faces a difficult task ahead of her. Since she is a Blackblood, she has a much better chance of bringing her people and the humans together, but considering how deep the schism is, nothing will be easy for her.

And now that the gods have risen, there’s an even bigger threat on the horizon. The show has yet to reveal who or what the gods are, but the war between Gwynn and Yavalla awoke two statues with their own agendas. Talon’s journey to create a united kingdom is sure to be bumpy, what with the normal romantic entanglements and the dangerous Two (Jelena Stupljanin) still on the loose. 

Season 4 of The Outpost is shaping up to be the most competitive season yet for the show.


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