The Pentaverate – Netflix Release Date, Cast Member Update, Storyline & Everything You Should Know

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In a brand-new comedy series, a famous comedic star will finally bring his abilities to Netflix. Mike Myers, who has been in Austin Powers, Shrek, and Wayne’s World, will star in the upcoming comedy The Pentaverate seven times. That’s correct, he’s portraying seven distinct people.

Myers is clearly making up for lost time, as the comedic veteran has primarily kept off-screen in recent years, with his most recent appearances in the 2018 films Terminal and Bohemian Rhapsody. Furthermore, The Pentaverate represents Myers’ first original series cooperation with Netflix.

The series was initially announced by Netflix in 2019, but Mike Myers will appear in The Pentaverate relatively soon. Fans of his comedy will undoubtedly enjoy the outrageously loveable lines he has planned for the new series.

Everything you know about The Pentaverate season 1 is available here, such as the Netflix release date, the most recent cast additions, the storyline summary, and more!

The Pentaverate Season 1 – Release Date

Netflix has yet to declare an official release date for The Pentaverate’s six-episode first season. We can, however, rule out a release in 2021, unless an end-of-year release isn’t fully ruled out. Because it is still in development, the Mike Myers sitcom is expected to begin streaming in 2022.

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The Pentaverate Season 1 – Cast Details

Mike Myers will star in the upcoming comedy series… and Mike Myers will appear six more times in seven different characters. He’s obviously no stranger to performing many roles in a single film. But he’ll be joined by a fantastic supporting cast consisting of recognised characters.

Along with Myers’ seven personas, The Pentaverate gained six more co-stars. Ken Jeong, Keegan-Michael Key, Debi Mazar, Richard McCabe, Jennifer Saunders, and Lydia West will all appear in unspecified roles in the series.

The Pentaverate Season 1 – Storyline

If you’ve seen any of Mike Myers’ previous comedic work, you’re certainly familiar with his sense of the ludicrous when it comes to character work. With The Pentaverate, we appear to be receiving more of his skills.

The series delves into a hidden organization of five men who have been striving to influence key world events since the Black Plague in 1347. A Canadian journalist finds himself in the centre of a mission to perhaps rescue the planet after accepting the call to investigate the truth.

Netflix has yet to provide a teaser, trailer, or first look at the new series because it is still in development. However, when more video become available, we will make sure to publish them.

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