The Politician Season 2: Release Date, Trailer Launch, Plot And More


The Politician played on Netflix in 2019. At everyone’s surprise, the popularity of the show skyrocketed within the first week of the release. Political Dramas usually take a certain period to find an appropriate audience. To get appreciated for the content it takes considerably more time than usual romantic comedy dramas.

However, the writer and directors of The Politician took care of the drawback and composed a script that was light yet had many crucial details. It was a well put script along with a great cast.  the characters blended appropriately and were appreciated by the audiences.

The fans were awestruck since the day the drama released.  The rumours regarding the impending season started immediately after the launch of the first season.  It is considered a great sign for the show which has recently launched on a streaming channel. We are happy to announce that the details of season 2 of The Politician are already out and we have brought them together. Continue reading the following article to know everything about the impending season of The Politician. 

 Release date of The Politician Season 2: 

The panoramic situation across the globe has brought an halt to the entertainment industry. Not only Netflix, but all the streaming channels decided to stop filming in order to keep the industries safe and away from the death crisis. 

The same reason has caused delay in multiple projects that were supposed to be released in 2020.  It was rumoured that The Politician was among the few projects that was supposed to land in 2020 but depending on the current situation the same is postponed and is speculated to hit the screen in 2021. 

The Politician Season 2: Release Date, Trailer Launch, Plot And More

Trailer launch of The Politician Season 2:

The Politician season 2 hasn’t started filming yet therefore the trailer is not expected to drop in 2020.  However, we are very positive about the show to launch its trailer in the first few months of 2021.  The official announcement regarding the show is kept under wraps.  We are waiting to get an official green signal from the makers. 

 Storyline of The Politician season 2: 

 The Politician season 1 what’s about two brothers who wanted to be the head of the student president Council in college. The brother who was very popular was caught by the anxiety and thus the other brother had to take up the responsibility to enter in the race of becoming the president.  He also had to hide his sexual preferences in order to win the hearts of the voters.  

It projected the pressure on a student and the struggles that a person has to go through and his college time. The second season is anticipated to focus on the graduation year where they would be again encounter political tension among the college peers.  We are excited to see how the writers have drafted the story this time. 

The Politician has few comic flavours in the story. We are expecting the creators to add a few more in the upcoming season.  we can’t wait to watch the show. 

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