The post-credits scene’s big revelation has been explained by Black Widow star.


In Black Widow’s revelatory sequence after credit, Yelena Belova actor Florence Pugh has weighed.

Returning today, fans of the MCU see her character visiting the tomb of Natasha Romanoff, where The Falcon and Contessa Allegra de la Fontaine (Jules Louis-Dreyfus) of the Winter Soldier is emerging in an attempt to convey the “next victim” of the assassin.

It’s just how Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye is unfairly blamed for the death of Black Widow. “She will keep on doing what she’s good at, and she’s back to work, although she isn’t there,” said Pugh. “Showing her dress, and watching her, shows someone that is blossoming, if you see her dress.”

Source : vulture

The nominee of the Oscar continued: “It was great for me to jump forward and see that she survived. It’s great. But it certainly poses a very different difficulty — the fighting companion of Natasha.”

We’re now awaiting the horn locking from Yelena and Hawkeye in the Disney+ series of the super-archer, who wrapped up their production in April. Black Widow is currently on the stream, streaming with Premier Access in U.K. and U.S. theatres. Catch these amazing shows to follow what is happening in the stories further. 


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