The Prentiss Scene On Criminal Minds That Went Too Far

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When show was still on the air, “Criminal Minds” was no stranger to intense, terrifying, and downright scary sequences. 

The FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) worked to understand the minds of violent offenders in the hopes that their psychological insights might help bring these killers to justice, and the show provided us with 15 seasons of action — and a rumoured upcoming 16th — as the agents of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) worked to understand the minds of violent offenders in the hope that their psychological insights might help bring these killers to justice.

Agents Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson), Jennifer “JJ” Jareau (A.J. Cook), Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore), Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), and Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness), among a few other part-timers, were known and loved by fans through the years, despite the cast changing. 

Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster), the supervisory special agent who replaced Elle Greenaway (Lola Glaudini) in Season 2 was one of the later arrivals to the BAU.

Brewster’s Prentiss took some time to integrate with the rest of the crew. Her political ties initially irritated Hotch, and her presence at the BAU almost threatened his career at one time, but she eventually proved herself and won everyone over with her smart insights and brave field action. 

Prentiss is a fan favourite for her intelligence, leadership, and general butt-kicking skills – she’s the team’s second-best unsub tackler, right after Shemar Moore’s Derek Morgan. Despite all of her admirable accomplishments, she had her fair share of cringe-worthy moments on the long-running procedural.

Let’s face it: “Criminal Minds” explored some dark and scary ground, occasionally crossing the line with viewers. Although Prentiss was involved in numerous cringe-worthy events, it was an act of deception that left viewers feeling the most betrayed. Let’s take a look at a Prentiss moment that even the most adamant supporters found to be too much. 

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Fans Were Not Pleased When Prentiss Pretended To Die.

Prentiss discovers in Season 6 that a vicious criminal called Ian Doyle has escaped from prison and is on the hunt for her. Doyle puts a creepy voicemail on Prentiss’ phone and puts an ominous flower on her door, prompting her to flee. We learn that when working for Interpol, Prentiss was part of a unit tasked with apprehending terrorists. 

When Doyle’s son was allegedly slain by the organisation, he was personally affected by her actions. We also learn that Prentiss had a covert romance with Doyle, in which she made him a fool twice over and broke his insane heart.

“There are consequences to destroying the heart of a homicidal bastard,” Bill wisely observes in “Kill Bill Vol. 2.” 

When Prentiss decides to go after Doyle on his own since he’s started murdering people connected to his Interpol case, the season takes a turn for the worse. 

She eventually finds him, only to be kidnapped, held captive, and tortured by Doyle so he may ramble on about his intentions and recite a piece of Prentiss history. He grows outraged when he finds Prentiss fabricated his son’s death and attacks her just as the BAU arrives at Doyle’s hideout. Doyle stabs Prentiss in the stomach before fleeing, and the BAU discovers Prentiss on the floor, apparently bleeding to death. 

Prentiss is laid to rest at the BAU, but she isn’t truly dead. Prentiss, it turns out, pretended to die in order to keep her squad safe while Doyle was still on the loose. The show uses a lot of hand waving to explain how Prentiss pulled off this deceit, which is understandable given that she was attempting to deceive members of a top investigative team like the BAU.

Accepting Prentiss’ successful ploy and her equally implausible return after Doyle is dealt with in Season 7, “Criminal Minds” necessitates an extremely high level of suspension of disbelief — which is part of what irritated all the fans. 

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Prentiss Was Cold To Her Teammates

The effect of Prentiss’ dishonesty on the rest of the BAU, which any long-time viewer will tell you is pretty much a family, is another component of this plot that makes viewers groan. 

Her comrades are understandably traumatised, and it takes Reid a few episodes to recover from the lie after she rejoins the group, though they eventually mend fences.

Perhaps Prentiss was right to wish to protect her coworkers from Doyle, a serial killer who had no qualms about killing cops. However, given the amount of grief this team had already experienced by Season 6, forcing them to confront the death of a cherished team member wasn’t likely worth the risk. Remember that Gideon (Mandy Patinkin) has already committed suicide, and Hotch has already lost his wife to the Reaper by this time in the series. 

Reid, who is the most affected by Prentiss’ betrayal, has struggled with PTSD since being kidnapped and held captive by a dissociative James Van Der Beek.

The last thing this crew needed was a dead Emily Prentiss on their collective conscience, and that’s exactly what she delivered them for a few in-show months. 

The entire plot went a little too far, and people continue to despise it to this day.

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