The Princess Switch 3 – Updates On Release Date, Cast & Storyline

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Threes are a lucky number. That’s why, after the success of “The Princess Switch” in 2018 and its 2020 sequel, “The Princess Switch: Switched Again,” Netflix is giving us a third instalment in the popular franchise starring Vanessa Hudgens.

Hudgens plays a trio of lookalikes who exchange places in the flicks, which always premiere on the streaming service around the holidays. The first film starred the former “High School Musical” star as Stacy De Novo, a Chicago baker, and Lady Margaret, a duchess.

Margaret unexpectedly inherits the throne in the second picture, which raises the stakes by introducing a third doppelganger for Hudgens to dig her teeth into: Lady Fiona, Margaret’s conniving party-girl cousin.

Will Hudgens play a fourth character in the franchise’s upcoming third instalment? We looked up all we could about the movie on the internet. Thus that’s what we know about “The Princess Switch 3” so far.

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The Princess Switch 3 – Release Date

Entertainment Tonight stated that the third film would be shot in Scotland and released in 2021 when it was confirmed in November. Everything appears to be on track for the debut. On March 4, Hudgens shared a black-and-white Instagram snap commemorating the end of production on The Princess Switch 3.

The Princess Switch 3 – Cast Members

In addition to Hudgens, Prince Edward from Palladio and Kevin from Sagar are likely to return. Is there a chance we’ll see this pair again? From Netflix’s A Christmas Prince franchise, Queen Amber (Rose McIver), King Richard (Ben Lamb), and their newborn Princess Elleri.

The royal family made a brief appearance at Margaret’s coronation, implying that there is a wider (perhaps confusing) Netflix Christmas movie world that may be expanded in the following film.

Florence Hall (Mindy), Ricky Norwood (Reggie), Suanne Braun (Mrs. Donatelli), and Mark Fleischmann are among the returning cast members (Frank de Luca).

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The Princess Switch 3 – Storyline

Of course, the third film in the trilogy will continue the crazy events of the first two. In the first Princess Switch, American Stacy (Hudgens) falls in love with European Prince Edward (Sam Palladio), who was set to marry Duchess Margaret at the time (Hudgens, again).

Margaret and Stacy, who are identical for no reason, trade places to see how the other half lives, resulting in this love switcheroo. (Note: Stacy is competing in an international baking competition in the imaginary country of Montenaro.) Margaret, a single father and Stacy’s closest friend, meets her equal in Kevin (Nick Sagar), a single parent and Stacy’s best friend.

In the sequel, Stacy and Edward must balance royal responsibilities with married life. Margaret, meantime, prepares for her coronation as Queen of Montenaro following her breakup with Kevin over long-distance and royalty-related difficulties.

Margaret’s wicked cousin Fiona (Hudgens, of course) is hell-bent on taking the crown. By the end of the film, both Stacy and Margaret have found their happily ever after, but Fiona is just given a warning for her traitorous actions.

Although no official narrative summary for The Princess Switch 3 has been released, we expect Fiona to suffer some consequences for her attempt to topple the kingdom on the spur of the moment.

The Princess Switch 3 – Trailer

Yes, the trailer for The Princess Switch 3 has been unveiled officially by Netflix, you can checkout the official trailer down below:

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