The Punisher Season 3: Any Possibilities of Renewal?


If you are a Marvel fan and desperately waiting for the renewal of The Punisher Season 3, then you have come to the right website. Here you will find all the latest news about your favorite series.

 Renewal Status Of The Punisher Season 3: When will it arrive?

The Punisher is one of the popular series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) web series. The character is based on the Marvel comic books. These days Marvel Studios is releasing a lot of new content on various online streaming services.

 One of them is The Punisher, which got released on Netflix on November 17, 2017. As soon as it dropped on the streaming service, it became a massive hit and fans loved the show. Currently, the series has two seasons. The previous season was launched on Netflix on January 18, 2019.

 Now fans are hoping for Netflix to announce the next season soon. Unfortunately, some sources informed that the streaming giant canceled the series after 2 seasons. We know that it is sad news as it was one of the best Marvel’s shows on Netflix, which had the best action, characters, and drama.

The Punisher Season 3: Any Possibilities of Renewal?

 Even after getting canceled by the streaming platform, fans are still waiting for an update in the next season from the show creators. As we all know, Disney owns Marvel, and it is launching numerous series and films from Marvel Studios. So we can expect Disney to take the rights of The Punisher, and release the new season on their streaming service.

 If the anticipated renewal happens soon, then we will inform you guys. But for now, we have no idea whether the third season will get renewed or not. So for a time being, we will have to assume canceled.

 Plot Of The Punisher Plot: What will happen in season 3?

The series centers around a man called Frank Castle who becomes The Punisher to take revenge. He kills the murderers, who took away the lives of his family. As the show progresses, he comes to know that there is a big conspiracy that needs to be ended soon.

 As of now, the creators haven’t confirmed the renewal of season 3, so there is no plot for the upcoming season. However, if the third part gets renewed, then it will continue from where it was ended in season 2. We will update a new article if we find any plot details of the upcoming season.

 The Punisher Season 3 Cast

If the new season takes place, then all the stars are expected to reprise their roles. Cast includes Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle or The Punisher, Ben Barnes as Billy Russo, Ebon Moss Bachrach as David Lieberman, as well as Amber Rose Revah as Dinah Madani, and others will surely return in the new season.


Marvel’s The Punisher is the spin-off series of Daredevil. If the series does not get a new season, then he might appear in the future season of Daredevil. The Punisher is a pure gold series, and there are times when the canceled series have been renewed by the showrunners or launched on a new platform.

 Fans are demanding season 3, so there is a small chance for it to return with a new season. So let’s hope for the best. Till then, you can read various articles about Marvel heroes on our website and stream on Netflix and Disney Plus.

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