The Punisher Season 3: Release date, cast, plot and many more updates here!


The Punisher is based on the character created by Gerry Conway, John Romita Sr, and Ross Andru. He first appeared as a side character in the Amazing Spider-Man #129 in 1974. With the boom of the psychologically troubled anti-heroes in the 1980s, the character got four monthly series The Punisher, The Punisher War Journal, The Punisher: War Zone, and The Punisher Armory.

The Punisher was one of the most beloved characters of all time and Netflix made a series based on him. The series was created by Steve Lightfoot and was released on 17 November 2017. The show was quite a success and got a rating of 8.5/10 on IMDb.

You can watch the trailer of the show here- 

It follows the story of Frank Castle, who upon losing his family makes it his only goal in his life to avenge their deaths. The role of Frank was played by Jon Bernthal who did an amazing job with the performance. 

Following the success of the first season, the show was renewed for a second season (You can watch its a trailer here- This was well-received too.

But sadly it has been announced that the series is over and we won’t be seeing the Punisher on Netflix anymore. This hit the Marvel fans really hard as this year saw the closure of another hit Netflix Marvel series such as Jessica Jones and Daredevil too.

But don’t worry, there is a chance of Disney+ taking up this series as we have seen many Marvel collaborations!

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