The Punisher season 3: will it have a season 3? what will happen in season 3?


The punisher is an American originated action based T.V. series based on Marvel’s universe character named The Punisher. The series is created by Steve Lightfoot and is produced by the Marvel Television with Abc studios. The first season of the series was released on November 17, 2017, followed by the release of the second season on January 18, 2019 on Netflix.

As everyone is familiar that how cool are the Marvel universe characters are, and how they protect the world from every mishappening. So here is a little synopsis for the two seasons. It is a story of Frank Castle who was in U.S. special forces and uses destructive methods to punish the criminals and to fight the crime. He was known throughout the new york city by the name of ‘The Punisher’. 

The first season mainly uncovers the happening in his life and to his family. The second showcase the other side of the characted that was quiet frank and lives happily, And  the twist directs to the mystery of attempted murder of Amy Bendix. where after he was forced to become The Punisher.

The amazing storyline grabbed all the attention of the audience and quickly build the fan following. Considering the same, we are here with insights and expectation of the upcoming season for you. So keep reading here!

The Punisher season 3: will it have a season 3? what will happen in season 3?

Will The Punisher have a season 3? and what will happen in season 3?

Both the seasons of The punisher received a humungous response from the Marvel lovers. The series received a rating of 8.5 ON IMDb and after the huge success fans were eagerly waiting for the release details of season 3. But unfortunately, all the hopes were put under the bed by Netflix, as the digital giant has ordered the cancellation of the show. 

But there are some other platforms like Disney plus and Hulu who are trying really hard to get the contract of the third season, as Disney is tying up with Marvel production to come out with different other projects also. 

So, there is a little but some to raise hopes of the fans for the season 3. 

But if the series will come up with the third season, then what will happen in it?

As we know that stellar job did a fantastic job in both seasons. so there is a fixed place for him in season 3. we may also see Amber Rose, Jason R Moore Josh Stewart etc. from season one and two. some are saying that franks friend turned enemies Jigsaw might return. But that totally depends on whether the story continues or take a new direction.

 So these are just possibilities if the season is renewed on another platform. 

That’s all for now. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates of your favorite movies and series.


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