The Queen of Screams Fans Would want to see the show

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For two reasons, Ryan Murphy is known: relatively deep-rooted ending and in each production employing the same performers. Jessica Lange moved from “American Horror Story” to “Feud” to “The Politicians.” Sarah Paulson’s collaboration with Murphy has been on since “Tuck/nip.” And from her themed spin-off, “Scream Queens” Billie Lourde made it into “AHS.” But fans want another alum “Scream Queen” to enter the fold “AHS”: the original Jamie Lee Curtis, a screaming queen.

In the “Scream Queens” two seasons Curtis played Dean Munsch. Munsch was also the principal antagonist to Emma Roberts’ Chanel Oberlin, who was preaching to her male pupils and caustic in her hate of sororities. You know, he was attempting to shoot everyone. Munsch ran the hospital for the first time, where all the killings and sexual assassinations took place.

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Connection of Curtis to classic slashes

Jamie Lee Curtis is presently part of the “Halloween” revival series, as Reddit pointed out. In the 1978 John Carpenter picture, she created the role of Laurie Strode. Laurie was one of the first “last ladies” to make her alive from a slasher. The cliché was made and done again, sometimes by Curtis herself, until the classic “Scream” and “Cabin in the Woods” were withdrawn as meta-horror classics.

In “Halloween” he replaced Laurie, as well as by the horror classics of “The Fog,” “Prom Night” and “Terror Train,” Curtis gained screaming queen fame. Curtis also won her.

Moreover, her mother is Janet Leigh, the victim of the ur-slasher. In “Psycho,” Leigh played Marion, and her death scene still is the measure of slasher killings.

If, however, the Redditors are right, and Curtis is too hard on “AHS,” there are some other queens of screams that would connect “American Horror Story.” Since “The Return of the Living Dead,” Linneas Quigley has had a queen scream status. “Exorcist” Linda Blair previously lent a cameo in Scream to her horror bona fides. The Ryan Murphy stable is already in Jennifer Love Hewitt, the legendary queen of the ’90s, screaming. Hewitt plays on “911,” another collaboration by Murphy.

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