The Rain On Me Season 3 – Rain of Virus!


Hello dear readers! Everyone loves rain but this rain is quite different! It is virus rain which is very dangerous and unique!               

The situation is quite similar to the ongoing scenario, isn’t it!        

The Rain is a beautifully designed Danish Sci-fi post-apocalyptic web series scripted and created by Jannik Tai Mosholt. It is Denmark originated dramatic, psychological thriller series directed by Kenneth Kainz and Natasha Arthy.          

Season 3 is the final season of this show and now Netflix is winding this show. This show is filmed in beautiful and incredible places of Denmark and Sweden.

Why we called this show Virus rain!

This story is sketched on a northern- European region, Scandinavia where some virus is carried by rainfall and wiped out all the lives. Virus creates havoc in the whole country and Danish siblings take shelter in a bunker. 

There is no cure, no treatment, and no vaccine is there to kill the virus or protect the humans. Six years later they find out the father of siblings who is a scientist and starts preparing medicine which kills the virus.      

The Rain On Me Season 3 – Rain of Virus!

Season 3, will continue the storyline of season 2, where Simone and Rasmus trying hard to save the humanity and make people free from the deadly pandemic. So, watch the series and find out how they protect the Scandinavia!

What about airing!

The story has exceeded the eagerness of the fans which was pretty evident which in turn gave us the update for the next release instantly.

In June 2019, Netflix announced that the season 3, is going to release and this will be the final season of this show

This promise is now finally getting fulfilled on Thursday 6th August 2020 with 6 episodes. So fans, get ready for binge watch!


Majorly all the Swedish and Danish actors who incredibly performed in season 1 and 2 will reprise their role in season 3. Names of the main characters of season 3 are – Alba August plays the role of Simone Andersen and Lucas Lynggaard Tonnesen  as his cousin Rasmus. Natalie Madueno as Fie, Clara Rosager as Sarah, Evin Ahmad as Kira and Johannes Bah Kuhnke as Sten. All of the four are main characters of season 2 and 3. Rex Leonard is the one who plays the role of Daniel in season 3.

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