Since Nick Spencer began his Incredible Spider-Man in 2018, a new villain hiding in the shadows with a massive vendetta against the web-slinger has been there. 

This new enemy, known only as Kindred, influences villagers such as Mysterio as well as the most powerful criminals such as Mayor Wilson Fisk, former Kingpin. He’s been planning and planning something big for “Pete” for a long time, as he calls Spider-Man, to show that he knows who Spider-Man is and has a very personal relationship with him. 

Now Amazing Spider-Man # 50 has unveiled Kindred’s real identity all this time.

What do we see?

Kindred has appeared in comic books as a demon in nature and even has talents to torment numerous people, notably Spider-Man. Bandages and hoods protect Kindred, generally with two massive centipedes over her neck as he can monitor whole insect swarms at will.

He can also control visions, make his victims see what happens when they sleep and also communicate to them in their visions. 

The most terrible force he has, though, is the resurrection. Kindred revived both Mysterio and Sin-Eater in the last two years to serve him in his plots against Spider-Man. Especially in the case of Sin-Eater, Kindred used Sin-Eater and its capacity to take advantage of its strength and take all of its powers from Sin-Eater when he finished it with him.

Now, the real identity of Kindred was eventually unveiled in Incredible Spider-Man # 50 by Nick Spencer with the artist by Patrick Gleason. In an impressive gesture, despite his intent to rescue him from previous problems, Spider-Man let Peter Sin-Eater “cleanse’ Norman Osborn of his sins. Spider-Man does only not help Green Goblin’s thoughts of murdering another of his loved ones. 

As a consequence, Norman was neutered, losing his aggressive and wicked tendencies, and instead wrapped in culpability. As Dr. Kafka of Ravencroft and the authorities discover Norman, he needs Kindred badly and wants to help him.


Although it is always a surprise for Spider-Man fans, the fact that Harry is completely suited for Kindred (Harry still calls Spider-Man “Pete” and expressed fear of Norman when he was communicating as Kindred). However, there is little about how Harry has been or whether he is now too vendetta with Spider-Man. 

Moreover, after Kindred’s election, Harry Osborn has only been seen in a couple of Marvel Comics previous issues, and it is not because Harry vanished or died.

Stay tuned with us and keep reading.


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