The real reason these Biopic’s Never happened

Courtesy: BBC

It is very common that movies are planned and then scrapped. There can be various reason behind this about which nobody bothered. But this does not go with biopic’s. Each minute details whether it is about casting or any rumour becomes very public sensitive. Even then sometimes biopics also get cancelled! The reason behind this maybe anything. Few of the biopic’s that never made it to the big screen are mentioned below.

Elvis miniseries cancelled 

This biopic was starring Russell. There was no reason for it to get cancelled. This was about the famous meeting between King and the president. The issue was that Apple intended to make its own addition in the biopic. It wanted to stream it on Apple music. Apart from that it was also planned to cover stars like Prince and Michael. It was reported at that time that the entire project was planned in 2017 summer but unfortunately Apple dropped it immediately after the New York Times published about it!

Chris Farley did not get to make his fatty arbuckle biopic

He’s very popular among the public as a goofy clown! but in reality he’s completely opposite his character in his real life. He struggled a lot throughout his life in search of good project. Arbuckle,  one of his first comic talent gained him huge popularity among the public. But unfortunately now he’s remembered for his misdeeds towards Virginia. Actually he was perfect for his role but his addictions pull them down. He died of drug overdose due to which Eric Signed his role.

Fox dropped a movie about Patty

Courtesy: BBC

James have always remained in demand in Hollywood. In 2017 he took the project off drama about Patty. Fanning was about to play the title role. This was to be released by 20th Century Fox. Unfortunately in 2018 opera talked about cultural broke down By a brutally powerful men. hearing this Patty get confidence to speak for her. She expressed the pain of her kidnapping and said that the book was published without her authorization.

A long plan Richard biopic was killed by Association with Winston

This was a long awaited biopic of Hollywood. He was about to play the role of Pryor himself. But this never came to the big screen. The project was very close to release within a list cast. Everything was decided and finalised. But even after that it never got off the ground! Later in an interview it was discovered that Weinstein  Company what’s the reason behind not releasing the biopic!


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