The Real Reason Venom is so Insane

The Real Reason Venom is so Insane
The Real Reason Venom is so Insane

Fans of the Marvel cinematic universe have not only been watching the shows and marvel movies but there are a number of questions arising in their minds regarding the various marvel superheroes.

Have you ever thought, if spider-man would ever get squished by a newspaper like a spider? Or, why is venom so Insane from an academic perspective.

Venom constantly kept tantalizing comic boom fans since the release of Amazing Spider-Man No. 299. His background basics are quite boilerplate stuff.

He did a number of unusual instances like replacing his battle-damaged red and blue Uni with a shape-changing black and white number, he was misunderstood by other organisms in his universe, and thus Brock’s professional jealousy and symbiotic feelings of abandonment added too much of venom’s lunacy.

The Real Reason Venom is so Insane
The Real Reason Venom is so Insane

Now, why was Venom such?

Critics say,

Firstly, because he was from a problematic family. In the beginning, everything was vacant, the celestials started making stuff, Knull was melodramatic things slowly got complicated. Eddie Brock was already in a mess when venom Symbiote found added to venom’s insanity.

And Secondly, Venom seemed to have a little dead pool in him. Dead pool wound up saddle with the same symbiote organism that later is worn up Spidey.

These happenings entangled in Venom’s mind and stimulated his absurdness.

Guys, now a question, do you think, these were the actual reasons for venom being insane, or do you feel otherwise.

Keep telling us in our comments.


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