The real reason you rarely see Disney’s Sensational Six in movies


Disney’s “sensational six” which includes Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald, Daisy and Goofy have remained as the most popular cartoon characters of all time. Yet, we rarely see them in the full length feature films. Here are some reasons why-

The History

Historically cartoons have always been delivered in the form of shorts by following the style of renowned comics of that time such as Charlie Chaplin. But over the years, that fad faded by the mickey mouse just stuck with it.

Mickey’s Character change

Though he was originally designed as a typical character, over the years he kinda became a role model for children. Noticing this, Walt Disney took her mischief and anger issues and put that in Donald Duck and made his goofiness into a dog. This change made him more of a symbol than a lead in an animated feature film.

The Wars

Just when Mickey was reaching its peak, the world wars broke out and shut down most theatres in Europe. This led to the loss of momentum that could have made Disney change his mind about the films.

The Inherent Sexism

Minnie and Daisy started off merely as feminine counterparts to Mickey and Donald, and their only purposes were to be wooed or rescued. This did not sit well with Disney’s new venture in portraying strong princesses.

Too Big to Fail

The sensational six has become synonymous with cartoons over the years. It would be too dangerous to make a film that would spoil the name that they built for almost a century now.

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