The Reasons Why Football Can Be Considered To Be A Universal Sport


    There are many sports in the world. Some are played outdoor while some are played indoors. It has to be remembered that sports have been a traditional part of our civilization and culture and each nation has its own unique identity in terms of sporting history.

    Football is one of the best sport in the world and this has to be noted with due diligence. The popularity of the game all around the world is truly impeccable and there is no single country in the world where the game is not popular.

    This article explores the reasons behind football being a universal game.

    Football as a universal sport

    The reasons are here listed as follows:

    • Football is considered to be at par with religion globally. A large number of people are associated with this game directly. As per the estimates of FIFA, 4 percent of the global population or about 300 million people are associated with this game directly. One needs to look up such Football match stats from reliable sites.
    • There are not many complexities to the game. It does not even require expensive things to get started, unlike other sports. All one needs to excel or at least begin in this game is a simple football. This is what makes it so much popular.
    • Football is not played during any particular time or season. This is somewhat of a universal appeal from this perspective. One can indulge in this game at any moment that they choose to and then proceed to enjoy as much as they want to.
    • A lot of important things can be learned from the sport of football. One such thing is the importance of a team. A lot can be achieved when individuals work together in a team. It can be considered to be a management lesson to enhance productivity and football teaches this very easily.
    • Football is one such game where the body physique does not matter as such, unlike other sports. No matter whether an individual is long or tall or whatever be his overall stature. He or she can still indulge in football.
    • Watching football score is a cathartic experience and this needs to be understood from the very onset. People can have a rollercoaster ride of emotions by watching the scores of a match and they can even keep track of Football match stats from reliable sites.
    • Unity is fostered by football as the whole world comes together to love this sport. Even in competitions, nationalism is fostered a lot when people come together overcoming all differences to support the team that they love.
    • Football has an aesthetic appeal to it. No other sport can boast of such an aesthetic appeal. The way the players play with the ball, the beauty behind a particular goal, watching these games is an unparallel experience which is difficult to get elsewhere. Any person watching a football game will appreciate the inherent beauty of it. More importantly, it can be seen that a good game often rejuvenates the minds of people and this is very much beneficial for all in the immense stressful lives that we all live.
    • The factor of thrill in the case of this sport is huge. There is a complete unpredictability in this game. People can never know what will happen the next moment in the game. This factor of unreliability is what makes the game so much thrilling and worthwhile to watch, thereby rendering football to be universal at large among all.

    Thus in this article, we explored the different reasons why football is a universal game.



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