The James Bond franchise is not yet in a position to move away from the Daniel Craig era. This is not the case amid current speculation that Tom Hardy was selected as the next 007. Shepherd Barbara Broccoli has indicated that they have not chosen who will replace Craig, and they will only make that decision after it has been published.

Replacement isn’t done yet

In advance of the release of No Time to Die which will double as Daniel Craig’s final turn as the famous agent for the MI6, Barbara Broccoli was recently interviewed. Thus, it was speculated that the Walther PPK would take up the next one. This topic has turned in a broadway lately to Tom Hardy. Broccoli, however, has given the situation some cold weather. She had to mention it here.

The action has not yet been reached, even though this happens. If you determine who is going to wear Daniel Craig’s huge shoes, be assured, they’re not just an echo of the last 15 years. The role is once again to be reimagined, Barbara Broccoli says.

The tenure of Daniel Craig, like 007, was a mixed bag of gigantic highs like Skyfall and relative lows like Solace quantity. Furthermore, Craig’s first film in the series with Skyfall is gross over $1 billion.

It’ll be hard to substitute this enchantment quickly, though. It might also be considered as arrogant if the producers had already begun removing him before Craig released the final film.

Cary Joji Fukunaga directs No Time to Die to play with Rami Malek onboard the lead villain of Bohemia’s Rhapsody. The casts include Lynch, Lee Seydoux, Ana de Armas, Fiennes, Wright, Ben Whishaw, and Harris.

The cast also included Lynch, Ana, Seydoux. MGM has recently agreed to delay the film until 2 April 2021 and move it further from the date of its release in November, amid the current confusion around the cinema. We’ll keep you updated as more insight on Bond’s future comes to light. 


The franchise for James Bond cannot yet move on from the Craig era. Barbara Broccoli said she could not pick who will replace Craig, and that decision would only be made after released. Tom Hardy will very well assume the mantle of the Bond. The task is to be reimagined again, Broccoli says.

Stay tuned with us to know further about the replacement and enjoy reading.


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