The Rise of the Skywalker- Why Jess Pava was not seen in the movie?


The Rise of the Skywalker was one of the most famous Star War movie. And the fans were all going gaga over it. But movies do have some unrevealed behind the scenes issues. Today, I thought of sharing one such thing about the movie.

Here is what star Jessica Henwick has to say about the disappearance of her character Jess Pava in this Star War film.

In 2019 with its releas3 it rounded out the Star War trilogy and featured top-class stars including Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Carrie Fisher, and Adam Driver along with the mains.

Fans repeatedly questioned about the X-wing Pilot Jess’ disappearance. 

In an interview, Jessica remarked that the disappearance of her character was mainly caused by a conflict in the star’s schedule with the makers, though she stated that the cause of the conflict is not remembered. She also mentioned that she regrets not being a part of the movie.

Jessica said that she originally auditioned for the role of Rey, but when the role was given to Ridley, 

Henwick’s powers caught director J.J Abram’s eye and thus she was offered the beautifully graphed character of Jess by the man himself. 

Though fans are a little disappointed with the fact of Jess Pava being cut from this Star War’s sequence, happiness is about the fact that Henwick has been acing some beautiful characters in her newest movies which will be hitting the big screens and fans cannot hold their excitement to meet her again.

We wish her love, luck, and Joy.


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