Michael Hirst’s Vikings is a historical drama TV series that is for the History channel. The show has premiered its six seasons so far which has covered the half part of the show. 

Most recently the season six of Vikings was released in December 2019 covering ten episodes. Another ten episodes of this season are in waiting to be premiered. “Vikings” has a huge fan base and there is no wonder in it. Now the Vikings fans are eagerly waiting for part two of season seven.

 When will the season 7 release?

There is very bad news for the Vikings fans that the producers have declared part two of the sixth season will be the end of Vikings. The story of Ragnar and his son is supposed to end with the end of season six, thus there is no point in expecting that the fans will see an additional part of the season.

 Although it is expected that part two of season six will arrive at the end of the year, again no official announcement has been made. 

The season will mainly focus on King Bjorn’s regnant over Kattegat along with Ivar’s adventures in Rus’, and Ubbe’s voyage to Iceland.

Expectations with Part Two Of Season Six

The next part will continue from the same point where it ended in the previous part. The following section will showcase the twist from Bjorn’s passing and renew it. And turns on the future of Floki. The directors have to decide the spin-off of this series as Vikings: Valhalla. The narrative of the story takes place after the completion of the first story and Netflix is going to premier it.

The season will come with many conclusions. It will reveal the loss of life of Ragnar LoatBrok out of the four years. And also, viewers of the show are wondering will they see Bjorn meeting Ivar in upcoming sections? 


We all know among so many shows whether on TV or on the internet, Vikings reserves a special seat in the heart of people. So just let not lose hope for more Vikings and wait for some conclusions. 

Till then sit back relax and stay safe and connected with us for more updates on the show.


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