The second wounded Los Angeles deputy released from hospital after being shot an assailant



  • The second deputy who got shot in the patrol vehicle with other deputy got released from the hospital on Monday.
  • She also received a call from President Trump while she was in ICU.
  • The cops have not found the gunman yet, but are still looking for him.

Inside Story

On September 12, two Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies got shot by an assailant. They were sitting inside the marked patrol vehicle in the evening. The incident occurred near the Blue Line Metro station, where a suspicious armed guy walked towards their vehicle and fired a series of shots into the window. Both the police officers had severe injuries in the head.

Recently, the female Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputy, who was still in the ICU, until Monday took a call from President Donald Trump. Her injuries were so severe that she has to write down her responses during the call.

A sheriff’s sergeant assisted the 31 years old female officer and read the response to the President. Earlier this month, the 24 years old second Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputy, who got shot too, recovered soon and was released from the hospital.

After the shooting, a video went viral where the female officer safely brought the male deputy behind a column. The video also showed both the deputies helping each other. After the gruesome shooting, both officers were rushed to the operation theater and underwent surgery. Sources reveal that the female deputy officer got released from the hospital on Monday.

Later on, on Saturday the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department’s Transit Services Bureau also released pictures of the 31 years old officer who received a phone call from the President.

Investigation Report

After the attack, police officers started hunting for the gunman. They announced that whoever helps them to find and arrest the assailant will be rewarded 300,000 USD. However, nobody has reported the cops about the suspect.

Also, the investigators are still pursuing the suspect. They have gathered a few leads that will surely help them to reach the gunman.

The police officers described the man’s age between 28 and 30. They also reported that he was a black man and wearing dark clothing. Last time, he was spotted driving off in a black sedan after the shooting, said the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Homicide Bureau.


After the shooting incident, a GoFundMe page set up to assist both deputies with medical expenses and other things. As of Monday, the page collected around 700,000 USD from the helpful public. Also, a fund of 20,000 USD got set up by public safety. You can help them as well by giving some funds to the page.

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