The secret: Dare to Dream – Starring Katie Holmes and Josh Lucas are set for Premier Video-On-Demand Release.


Although Katie Holmes and Josh Lucas coming together is a great reason to love a movie this one is indeed well deserving of the love it’s receiving even before its release.

Based on Rhonda Kyte’s self-help book “The Secret” the American drama film is supposed to have been scheduled for video on demand release from July 31, 2020. With Roadside Attractions and Gravitas Ventures acquiring the distribution rights, the movie was initially set up to be released on April 17, 2020. But just when viewers started a mental countdown for the release, it was pulled from the schedule due to the COVID -19 global outbreak.

The book had received so much love from across the globe that it had to be translated in 50 languages; in fact, it appeared on the New York Times bestseller list for 190 weeks. Going back to 2006 I can clearly recall how anyone who needed self-help was recommended this book. Without any doubt, Rhonda kyte’s The Secret truly had a hidden secret that made the world believe in the global phenomenon of the law of attraction once again, empowering them to lead more fulfilled and happier lives.

The secret: Dare to Dream – Starring Katie Holmes and Josh Lucas are set for Premier Video-On-Demand Release.

Expected Cast and all about its storyline

With Katie Holmes appearing as Miranda Wells and Josh Lucas as Bray Johnson, the story revolves around a hard-working and dedicated young widow mother of three. Josh as Bray, the mysterious man is seen reigniting the power of positive thinking in Melinda. Apart from Katie and Josh, we will get to see Jerry O’Connell as Tucker, Katrina Begin as Jennifer, Celia Weston as Bobby and Sarah Hoffmeister as Missy Wells.

The story not just revolves around the book but also has its fair share of ideas from the Documentary of the same name, in fact, the same message as well. The documentary named 

The Secret release back in 2006 was a documentary that comprises mostly the series of interviews of scientists, authors, and psychologists, etc to demonstrate the thought of believing in an outcome for it to attract positive energy and then eventually come true.

Dare To Dream

The trailer in end reads “Believe Again”, and that is exactly what the audience has been waiting for already.

As soon as an official statement is made, we will remember to keep you updated on how to order the video for yourself.



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