The Serial Killer Dexter is back after 8 long years!

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On May 27th of 2021, Showtime released yet another teaser trailer for Dexter Season-9. The hint trailer is definitely giving us some idea of what this season of Dexter holds for its fans who were quite disappointed by the way Season-8 ended; must say a cliffhanger. This a crime-based series and despite the genre in which this series falls into, Dexter has managed to entice the viewers with the spine-chilling executions. Several mysteries will be unfolded in this Season and probably Dexter Morgan’s character may or may not be back to his old self.

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Dexter was last seen on September 22nd of 2013 and now after a long break of 8 years Dexter is back. If you don’t know Dexter then this is a quick recap without intended spoilers… Dexter is a blood splatter analyst expert working as a Forensic Technician with the Miami Metro Police Department in Florida. He doesn’t really rely on law for justice and believes in delivering justice with his own hands. He kills those who are killers themselves and have gotten away with it and the count is like dozens and dozens and dozens, no it’s not a typing error it actually is the count of the people he had killed. The most interesting part of this show is that we constantly hear Dexter’s thoughts as he is narrating whatever he is going through so we can all feel like we’re there with him no matter how socially awkward he feels or when he is planning or killing someone.

This Season is supposedly revolving around his role as a logger in Oregon’s forested areas. Even though he lives a life under a very pretentious name his urge to kill the criminals and murder them brutally is still hanging on the edge hence this season is going to be more thrilling and might even give the fans a “right” kind of ending to the show in this limited edition 10-episode season. Production commenced already at the beginning of 2021 and the season is expected to be released during the fall in the U.S.

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